Raucbhier Patz hosted a "Chicken and Stars" party at the new Luna 21 Observatory and Tavern on Tuesday, June 12.  Thank you to the over 100 avatars that attended - it was a great time and $1,250 was raised for The AERIE Fund.  Pictures can be found here.

Chicken and stars party-final.jpg

The grand opening of the Walhalla Museum of Virtue, Chaos and Brewing happened at Rauchbier Platz on March 30 and 31!  These events helped raise $1,500 for The AERIE Fund's Ripple Effect campaign - thank you to the almost 100 Avatar that attended.  See the forum post for details! 



Alpenglow Biergarten at Rauchbier Platz - A Shroud of the Avatar tavern and brewing town




The holiday Weihnachten party and Oktoberfest 2017 were great successes in raising money for The AERIE Fund and Think Pink!  Thank you all so much for your support!  Please visit the Oktoberfest 2017 and 2017 Holiday Party pages for pictures!





About the Biergarten and Rauchbier Platz

 The Alpenglow Biergarten - located in the central town square in the town of Rauchbier Platz

The Alpenglow Biergarten - located in the central town square in the town of Rauchbier Platz



Hannah Alpenglow welcomes you to the Alpenglow Biergarten at the Player-Owned Town of Rauchbier Platz! Nested within the capital city of Central Brittany and with connections via Brittany Alleys, the Rauchbier Platz offers weary travelers respite from the harsh wilds of Novia.  Come join us for a cold beer, some traditional German food fare, and good company in our tree-shaded outdoor beer garden.

We also forge weapons, armor, and creates various enchantment scrolls (such as recall and teleport)that are available for sale in the front courtyard.  We also takes custom orders - please use the order request form on this website to submit a request; Hannah will promptly get in touch with you on pricing and delivery.

Please visit our Events page, as there will be weekly happy hours and special events, many with free prizes!

Finally, please also visit our craft brewery at the Alpenglow manor located in Central Brittany.  Hannah runs this quaint brewery and restaurantand also delivers Ulrich's finery to this location to sell to visitors of the capital.

Again, welcome!  Now please relax, have a seat and a cold brew!