Directions to the Alpenglow Biergarten at Rauchbier Platz and the Alpenglow Manor



Alpenglow biergarten and Rauchbier platz

The Biergarten is conveniently located in the player owned town of Rachbier Platz.  Rauchbier Platz is nested within Central Brittany and Brittany Alleys.

In Central Brittany, the wagon to Rauchbier Platz is near the main entrance gate; use the "Snowy Mountain" wagon and select Rauchbier Platz.

From Brittany Alleys, the wagon to Rauchbier Platz is directly to your left upon entering the main gate.

 Thank you to Jakub White of

Thank you to Jakub White of

alpenglow Manor

The formal home and micro-brewery of the Alpgenglow's is located in the southwest part of Central Brittany, nestled against the city walls.

From the main gates - turn right (south) immediately (Sheppard Road) and go past the POT wagons.  Run on the path for about 60 seconds; the estate and its vendor are on a plateau next to the city walls.

From the docks, head south on Portside Avenue, follow it around the corner past the red light district and past the Equitas Dam housing district until you are Sheppard Road heading toward the main Brittany entrance.