Living in Rauchbier Platz

See the bottom of this page for current openings!!!

Rauchbier Platz is, of course, a very casual town.  Governed by Hannah Alpenglow, the town aims to provide a warm and relaxing atmosphere for both residents and visitors alike.

Rauchbier Platz is proud to offer free living accommodations to any active citizens of New Britannia (space permitting).  No rent or any other fees will ever be charged to live here.  

You can bring your own land deed and pick an open plot, or if you would like a plot in a specific town location we can arrange that for you too!  Simply message Hannah Alpenglow to ask her to assign you a plot and/or drop a plot in your desired location!

Free Homes and Rooms for Living

If you do not have your own place to call home in New Britannia, Rauchbier Platz is proud to offer free (forever) rooms and even houses for you to live in.  Using the new tenant system, you can have a row house to call your very own or a room at the Dragonsmead Gasthaus.  Current openings are listed below - contact Hannah Alpenglow to secure your home now!  Again, you will never be charged rent or fees to live here, and in the future Hannah will likely have giveaways each month for residents, so you might even gain something!

Rauchbier Platz Regulations

There are not many rules or regulations in Rauchbier Platz, but we do ask that you are:

1. Casually active - you do not need to play each day or visit town all the time, but please only take a spot if you are at in the world at least a few times per month.  Of course if you need to have an extended leave for real life things that is fine, but if you take a house and leave the game abandoned houses make Hannah sad :(

2.  Respectful of neighbors and visitors - Please be kind and courteous to your fellow residents and visitors.  We want Rauchbier Platz to be a happy, safe space!

3.  Decorate (a little) - if you have a house or room, please decorate it at least a little bit.  It doesn't need to be chock full of deco, but a house with just a few treasure chests and that's it also makes Hannah sad.

4.  Have fun!  That's it - no rent, no fees, no drama.  Please consider joining us to live in Rauchbier Platz!

Current Openings in Rauchbier Platz

These openings are for living spaces where you do not need your own lot deed - either it is an inn room or a lot provided by Hannah Alpenglow.  If you have your own lot deed, you can of course just let Hannah know which open plot in town you would like!

Homes - Three row lots in the middle of Rauchbier Platz are available.  See pictures below.

Dragonsmead Gasthaus - 14 rooms are currently available to claim.