Walhalla Museum of virtue, chaos and brewing

The Walhalla Museum of Virtue, Chaos and Brewing is located on a ridge in Rauchbier Platz and is modeled after the Walhalla Memorial in Regensberg Germany.


This museum contains exhibits dedicated to Lord British (Virtue), Darkstarr (Chaos) and the brewing of beer, which is the livelihood of the Alpenglow family.  The museum has collected rare armor crafted by Lord British and Darkstarr, along with armor and weapons crafted by SotA devs Atos and Gix Vargach.



Beer brewing exhibit

The brewing section of the museum takes you step by step through the beer brewing process, with exhibits showing the process along with books to explain each step. 

Please come visit the Walhalla Museum today!


Pictures from the Grand Opening parties held on 30 and 31 March, 2018